Table 4

Base case results for representative rural municipality

OutcomeSocietal perspectiveHealthcare perspective
With DTTBWithout DTTBWith DTTBWithout DTTB
Lives saved3765376337653763
QALYs gained†108 166108 129108 166108 129
Cost (in thousands PHP)−2 018 691−2 019 69261443499
Cost-effectiveness of DTTBSocietal perspectiveHealthcare perspective
 Cost per life saved (in PHP)781 3122 064 167
 Cost per QALY gained† (in PHP)27 19271 839
  • *All costs are in 2017 PHP and have been discounted to present value. Negative costs denote that the programme is cost saving.

  • †QALYs are discounted to the present time.

  • DTTB, Doctors to the Barrios;PHP, Philippine pesos; QALY, quality-adjusted life year.