Table 1

Impact inventory*

SectorType of impactHealthcare perspectiveSocietal perspectiveNotes on sources of evidence
Formal healthcare sector
Health-related quality-of-life effectsXX
Other health effects (eg, caregiver health-related quality of life)Excluded due to lack of data
Medical costs paid for by third-party payersXXSee table 2
Medical costs paid for by patients out-of-pocketXXSee table 2
Future-related medical costsWe assumed no related costs after age 3
Future unrelated medical costsXXSee table 2
Informal healthcare sector
 HealthPatient costsNot applicable due to patients’ age
Unpaid caregiver time costsXXSee table 2
Transportation costsXSee table 2
Non-healthcare sectors
 ProductivityFormal labour market earnings lostXSee table 2
Cost of unpaid lost productivity due to illnessExcluded due to lack of data
Cost of uncompensated household productionExcluded due to lack of data
 ConsumptionFuture consumption unrelated to healthXSee table 2
 Social servicesNone
 Legal/criminal justiceNone
 EducationImpact of intervention on educational achievement of populationExcluded due to lack of data
  • *The Impact inventory allows analysts to consider all the consequences of a health intervention from various perspectives. Marks (X) indicate whether a particular impact was included in the perspective listed at the top of the column.