Table 3

Number of instalments received, total amount received and time to receipt first direct benefit transfer (DBT) instalment among patients with TB notified and initiated on first-line anti-TB treatment in the public sector at City TB Centre Vadodara, India, between April and September 2018 (n=675*)

VariableCategoryType of patient†
NewPreviously treatedOverall
No. of instalments receivedTotal526149675
Total amount received (INR)Total526149675
IQR3000 to 30003000 to 40003000 to 3500
Duration between treatment initiation and receipt of first instalment‡Total526145671
<2 months366.8139.0497.3
2–4 months16731.73322.820029.8
4–6 months14226.94228.918427.4
>6 months18134.45739.323835.5
  • *In those who received atleast one instalment of DBT.

  • †New patient’s treatment duration was 6 months and eligible for three instalments of INR 1000 at 0, 2 and 4 months after treatment initiation. Previously treated patient’s treatment duration was 8 months and eligible for four instalments of INR 1000 at 0, 2, 4 and 6 months after treatment initiation. In case of extension of treatment, patient receives instalment of INR 1000 every 2 months.

  • ‡Date of receipt of first instalment was ahead of treatment initiation date in four patients so not considered.