Table 1

Operational definitions of TB treatment outcomes under National Tuberculosis Programme, India

Treatment outcomeDefinition
CuredMicrobiologically confirmed TB patients at the beginning of treatment who was smear or culture negative at the end of the complete treatment.
Treatment completedA TB patient who completed treatment without evidence of failure or clinical deterioration, but with no record to show that the smear or culture results of biological specimen in the last month of treatment was negative, either because test was not done or because result is unavailable.
FailureA TB patient whose biological specimen is positive by smear or culture at end of treatment.
Lost to follow-upA TB patient for whom treatment was interrupted for one consecutive month or more.
Not evaluatedA TB patient for whom no treatment outcome is assigned. This includes ‘transfer-out’.
DiedA patient who has died during the course of anti-TB treatment.
Failure to respondA case of paediatric TB who fails to have microbiological conversion to negative status or fails to respond clinically/ or deteriorates after 12 weeks of complaint intensive phase shall be deemed to have failed response provided alternative diagnoses/reasons for non-response have been ruled out.
  • Source: Technical and Operational Guidelines for Tuberculosis Control in India. 2016. Central TB Division; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Government of India.

  • TB, tuberculosis.