Table 4

Results from the multivariable multilevel models predicting an offer from ‘confidence bias’ scores in candidates (n=7870), controlling for the influence of other statistically significant predictor variables.

Predictor variableOR95% CI for ORP value
Confidence bias1.481.15 to 1.910.002
Male gender0.690.64 to 0.76<0.001
Standardised ‘decision analysis’ score1.491.39 to 1.60<0.001
Standardised ‘verbal reasoning’ score1.511.43 to 1.59<0.001
Standardised ‘quantitative reasoning’ score1.401.32 to 1.49<0.001
Standardised ‘abstract reasoning’ score1.441.37 to 1.51<0.001
Standardised secondary school qualification tariff1.481.39 to 1.58<0.001
‘Non-white’ ethnicity0.890.81 to 0.970.012
Non-selective secondary (high) school attended0.920.84 to 1.000.046