Table 2

Confidence bias (CB) and confidence judgement (CJ) scores according to self-reported ethnicity. CB scores less than 0 represent overconfidence, with larger negative values indicating more overconfidence. CJ scores represent the ability for candidates to appraise their own performance, with a CJ of 1 indicating perfect judgement.

Self-reported ethnicityMean CB score (SD)Mean CJ score (SD)
White (n=23 679)−0.01 (0.19)0.32 (0.24)
Asian (n=13 421)−0.04 (0.22)0.28 (0.25)
Black (n=3260)−0.08 (0.22)0.28 (0.24)
Mixed (n=1741)−0.02 (0.21)0.30 (0.24)
Other (n=1098)−0.05 (0.22)0.29 (0.24)