Table 4

Factors associated with time to receipt first direct benefit transfer (DBT) instalment among patients with TB notified and initiated on first-line anti-TB treatment at City TB Centre Vadodara, India, between April and September 2018 (n=767*)

FactorsCategoryMedian time to receipt (months)IQR of time to receipt
P value†
Overall5.23.4 to 7.4
Age (in years)Below 157.14.9 to 8.4 0.007
15–595.13.3 to 7.3
60 and above5.73.8 to 7.5
GenderMale5.23.4 to 7.3 0.927
Female5.33.2 to 7.6
ResidenceWithin city‡5.13.3 to 7.3 <0.001§
Outside city‡7.46.0 to 10.1
Not reported8.28.2 to 8.2
HIVReactive3.52.7 to 7.3 < 0.001
Non-reactive5.03.2 to 7.2
Unknown6.64.7 to 8.1
Treatment sectorPublic4.93.2 to 7.1 < 0.001
Private7.55.9 to 9.5
Patient typeNew5.23.3 to 7.5 0.452
Previously treated5.43.6 to 7.4
Tuberculosis sitePulmonary5.23.4 to 7.5 0.497
Extra pulmonary5.13.3 to 7.1
  • *Date of receipt of first instalment was ahead of treatment initiation date in four patients so not considered.

  • †Mann-Whitney U test used for two categories and Kruskal-Wallis H test for more than two categories.

  • ‡Administrative area of City TB Centre, Vadodara.

  • §‘Not reported’ category not included in calculation because only one record.