Table 4

Resilience scores predicted by associative stigma class in adjusted and unadjusted regression model

β95% CIP value
Unadjusted model
 No/low associative stigmaReference
 Moderate associative stigma−0.265−0.384−0.146 < 0.001
 High associative stigma−0.590−0.776−0.404 < 0.001
Adjusted model*
 No/low associative stigmaReference
 Moderate associative stigma−0.271−0.390−0.151<0.001
 High associative stigma−0.577−0.767−0.386 < 0.001
  • Results in bold indicate statistical significance at p-value ≤0.05.

  • *β coefficient was derived from multiple linear regression after adjusted for age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, education, residential status, occupation, duration of service and if they know of a family/close friend diagnosed with mental illness.