Table 1

Progressive resistance training descriptions over the 12 months intervention period

Exercise variableWeek 1–2Week 3–4Week 5–6Week 7–52
Load15 RM12 RM10 RM8 RM
Set per session3344
Rest between sets90 s90 s120 s120 s
Sessions per week2222
Duration of training period52 weeks52 weeks52 weeks52 weeks
ExercisesLoaded squatLoaded squatLoaded squatLoaded squat
Hip extensionHip extensionHip extensionHip extension
Hip flexionHip flexionHip flexionHip flexion
Hip abductionHip abductionHip abductionHip abduction
Contraction failure in each setYesYesYesYes
Range of motionMaximal possibleMaximal possibleMaximal possibleMaximal possible
Rest between training sessions>36 hours>36 hours>36 hours>36 hours
  • After week 16, all exercises are performed by both legs.

  • RM, repetition maximum.