Table 5

Histopathological diagnoses after cholecystectomy for presumed benign gallbladder diseases

Total (n=)Indication for HPEa (n=)No indication for HPEa (n=)
Histopathological diagnosisNormal gallbladdern (% of ‘Total’)nn
Acute inflammationn (% of ‘Total’)nn
Chronic inflammation and reactive changesn (% of ‘Total’)nn
Gallbladder neoplasmsAdenoman (% of ‘Total’)nn
Biliary intraepithelial neoplasmn (% of ‘Total’)nn
Carcinoman (% of ‘Total’)nn
Other malignant neoplasmsn (% of ‘Total’)nb nc
Non-neoplastic aberrant findingsCholesterol polypn (% of ‘Total’)nn
Inflammatory/hyperplastic polypn (% of ‘Total’)nn
Adenomyomatosisn (% of ‘Total’)nn
Othern (% of ‘Total’)nn
  • a. According to the operating surgeon or surgical resident.

  • b. Details on histology.

  • c. Details on histology.

  • HPE, histopathological examination.