Table 6

Role of CHWs

Type of roleResponsibility
1. Educational role
  • Facilitate the delivery of culturally appropriate interventions in community language.

  • Under supervision, CHWs provided instructions on holistic clinical approach: infant care, hygiene, skin care, nutrition, accident prevention.

2. Navigational role
  • Help patients negotiate with the health system to reduce barriers to screening.

  • Follow-up with participants in person or over the phone.

  • Promote awareness of the preventive interventions available to the population.

  • Support participants to make appointments.

  • Assist patients with transportation.

  • Provide access to resources, such as food.

  • Conduct home visits or do telephone follow-ups.

  • Help patients set weekly goals and record whether those goals were achieved periodically.

3. Support role
  • Provide social support through developing supportive relationships with participants.

  • Provide informal counselling and motivational talks to participants.

  • Participate in physical activity with community members such as walking.

4. Research role
  • Recruitment of participants.

  • Conduct interviews and collect quantitative data.

  • Assessment of behaviour change.

  • CHWs, community health workers.