Table 3

Circumstances of drowning deaths among fishermen

Time of drowning incident
 Morning/afternoon18 (25)
 Evening/night52 (74)
Weather conditions
 Strong winds, heavy rain39 (56)
 Moderate winds, light rain17 (24)
 Little or no wind, no rain/Do not know14 (20)
Water conditions
 Rough40 (57)
 Moderate11 (16)
 Slight/Calm/Do not know19 (27)
Victim was wearing a lifejacket
 Yes2 (3)
 No68 (97)
Victim was under the influence of alcohol or drugs
 Yes10 (14)
 No/Do not know60 (86)
Type of boat involved*†
 Small fishing boat56 (84)
 Large fishing boat11 (16)
 Passenger ferry0 (0)
Method of power of boat involved*
 Engine24 (36)
 Sails3 (4)
 Paddles40 (60)
Boat was overcrowded or overloaded*
 Yes3 (4)
 No/Do not know64 (96)
Boat was inadequately maintained*
 Yes10 (15)
 No/Do not know57 (85)
  • Data shown are N (%).

  • *Data are shown for the 67 fishermen who were on a boat prior to the drowning incident.

  • †All boats were reportedly made from wood.