Table 1

Data and sample collection schedule

Infant ageAntenatal0–10 d3 m6 m9 m1 y1.5 y2 y2.5 y3 y3.5 y4 y4.5 y5 y
Recruitment and randomisation
 Eligibility check and consent
 Baseline questionnaire
 Birth questionnaire
 Full blood examination *
Post randomisation
 Perinatal hospital data
 Parent questionnaire
 Clinical eczema assessment
 Skin prick test
 Oral food challenge
 Biological sample collection §
  • *Soon after birth.

  • †If indicated by skin prick test result.

  • ‡7±4 days postrandomisation.

  • §5–8 months of age.

  • d, days; m, months; y, year.