Table 1

Overview of outcome measures

MeasureMeans of collectionTiming of collectionSource of data
Infant’s development—primary outcome
Cognitive developmentBSID, third EdFollow-up 3Direct child assessment
Language development
Motor development
Social-emotional development
Secondary outcomes
Infant’s health
Infant’s wastingMother–infant scale (Seca 876); portable stadiometers and length boards (ShorrBoard)Follow-up 3Direct child measurement
Antibiotic useStudy-specific questionsFollow-up 2 and 3Main caregivers
Exclusive breast feeding
Common illness symptoms in the previous 2 weeks
Inpatient service use
Outpatient service use
Women’s health
Quality of lifeEQ-5D-5LBaseline, follow-up 3Structured interview with women
Maternal common mental disordersDASS-VBaseline, follow-up 3Structured interview with women
Productivity change of mothersWPAI-GHBaseline, follow-up 3Structured interview with women
Absenteeism from work due to child healthStudy specific questionsFollow-up 2 and follow-up 3Structured interview with women
Family environment
Home environment for infant developmentHOME InventoryFollow-up 2 and follow-up 3Semistructured observation and parent interview at home.
Intimate partner relationshipIBM-VBaseline, follow-up 2, follow-up 3Questionnaire interview with women
Domestic violence against womenWHO Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence QuestionnaireBaseline, follow-up 2, follow-up 3Questionnaire interview with women
Household tasks sharing from the husbandStudy-specific questionsFollow-up 2 and follow-up 3Questionnaire interview with women
Child’s caring support from the husband
Emotional care from the husband to the wife
Community empowerment and awareness
No of social organisations integrated child care messages in their routine meetingsStudy-specific questionsBaseline, follow-up 2, follow-up 3Self-administered questionnaire sent to commune facilitators
Change of knowledge of head of the commune authority
Child care propaganda through loudspeakers at each commune
  • BSID, Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development; DASS, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale; HOME, Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment; IBM, Intimate Bonds Measure; WPAI-GH, Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire for general health problems.