Table 3

Three and six monthly questionnaire outcome data

IllnessesAny episode of illness, infant age, duration of illness, symptoms, medial consultations and hospital admissions, diagnosis and any treatments/medications.
EczemaSymptoms of eczema, infant age at onset of eczema, distribution of eczema, use of eczema medications, medical consultations and hospital admissions. Includes modified U.K. working party’s diagnostic criteria for atopic dermatitis and modified patient-oriented eczema measure (POEM) tool questions.52 53
AllergiesAny episodes of food or other allergies, infant age, allergen, symptoms, severity, diagnosis and any treatment.
AsthmaInternational Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) questions,54 55 asthma medication usage, symptom severity, acute exacerbations and healthcare utilisation, including hospitalisations.
DietBreast milk feeding, formula milk feeding, food introduction, dietary supplements.
OtherHousehold composition, childcare, pets and other animals, household smoking, drinking water source, vaccinations, other medications or supplements, other diseases/disabilities, BCG complications, overseas travel, non-illness associated hospital admissions.