Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of women and index child, EDHS 2016 (n=1455)

Mother’s age
Wealth index quintile
Marital status
 Never married342.3
 Currently married134592.4
 Formerly married775.3
Mother’s education
 No education42529.2
Sex of child
Birth weight (g)
 <2500 18012.3
 ≥2500 127587.7
 Mean (SD)=3332.4 g (±940.3 g)
Source of birth weight data
 Written card1077.4
 Mother’s recall134892.6
Perceived baby birth size
 Very large41128.3
 Larger than average20414.0
 Smaller than average986.7
 Very small15010.3
  • EDHS, Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey.