Table 4

Progression criteria for a full trial

Progression criterionAssessment
Intervention is acceptable to a majority of fathers and families from differing black asian and minority ethnic groups and socioeconomic backgrounds.Achieved
Randomisation occurs and more than 80% of those assessed accept randomisation.Achieved
Recruitment of at least 68 out of the planned 90 fathers (75%) within the 4-month time frame.43 (48%)
Intervention implemented with fidelity in 75% of observations (see Process evaluation section).Achieved
Attendance: 70% attending at least five of nine of the planned sessions.15 (52%)
More than 70% follow-up at 3 and 6 months.27 (62.8%)
Mean weight loss in the intervention arm of ≥3 kg.2.9 kg (95% CI −5.1 to 0.6)