Table 1

Recent characteristics of the participants

VariableEndometriosis group
Control group
P value
Age (years), mean±1 SD35.2±6.532.6±6.5<0.001 *
Body mass index (kg/m2), mean±1 SD24.8±5.223.4±4.10.02*
Dysmenorrhea,† n (%)97(71.9%)66(43.4%)<0.001‡ 
Pelvic pain,† n (%)129(84.9%)29(19.2%)<0.001‡
Dysuria,† n (%)52(33.8%)6(3.9%)<0.001‡
Dyschezia,† n (%)83(53.5%)17(11.0%)<0.001‡
Fatigue,† n (%)143(91.1%)91(59.1%)<0.001‡
Nausea,† n (%)73(46.5%)30(19.2%)<0.001‡
Irregular menstrual bleeding,† n (%)45(32.4%)22(14.7%)<0.001‡
Irregular bowel movement,† n (%)105(68.2%)37(24.2%)<0.001‡
  • *Independent samples t-test.

  • †Experienced at any time during the 4 weeks prior to answering the questionnaire.

  • ‡Pearson’s χ2 test. Because of missing values, the calculated percentages may not refer to the total number of participants.