Table 4

Examples of researcher-led questionnaire modules on the HealthWise Wales platform

Module nameResearcherMain aim of researchModule availabilityStatus in Sept-18
Theme: Improving health services
Care for coughs and coldsFrancis et al
School of Medicine, Cardiff University
To examine patterns of and beliefs relating to consulting behaviours for respiratory tract infections8886
Medicines and their costYemm et al
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University
To examine the acceptability of putting the costs of medicines on dispensing labels6279
Reuse of medicinesMcRae et al
Cwm Taf University Health Board
To investigate public views on the potential for re-dispensing medicines returned unused to pharmacies5476
Oral health in childrenKemp et al
School of Medicine, Cardiff University
To examine oral health behaviours and impact of dental disease on children and families5037
Theme: Cancer research
Sun exposure and sun bed useAbbott R
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
To assess awareness of skin cancer, preventative behaviours and knowledge of vitamin D6115
Bowel symptoms and cancer awarenessDolwani et al
School of Medicine, Cardiff University
To investigate factors affecting screening, prevention and early diagnosis of bowel cancer5617
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