Table 1

Outline of data collection questionnaires, timelines and summary of completions

Core module themes*Brief overview of module contentData collection periodStatus in Sept-18
  • Consent, personal details including date of birth, gender and postcode (for the assignment of Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation)

21 779
Sociodemographic information
  • Ethnic group

  • Occupation and social class (National Statistical Socioeconomic Classification, NS-SeC)

14 433
  • Family life: relationship status, children, caring responsibilities

11 004
Behavioural risk factors
  • Physical activity (General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire, GPPAQ)

14 633
  • Smoking (current smoking, secondhand smoke exposure, e-cigarette use)

  • Alcohol (frequency in past 12 months, binge drinking in past 7 days)

  • Anthropometry (self-report of weight and height)

  • Diet (self-report on whether diet is healthy, fruit, veg and sweetened beverage intake yesterday)

14 206
Mental health
  • Mood over the past month, measured using the five-item Mental Health Inventory (MHI-5)

14 581
  • Resilience Research Centre Adult Resilience Measure (RRC-ARM 28)

  • Buckner Neighbourhood Cohesion Scale

  • Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale

Started Oct 18
Key to modules
Live modules
  • *Pregnant women complete modified versions of the core modules.