Table 3

Time spent homeless (weighted study population)

Time spent homeless*All (n (%))FR (%)IR (%)IT (%)NL (%)PL (%)PT (%)SE (%)SP (%)P value
Periods < 0.001
 Less than 1 week55 (20.82)8.3435.6512.299.7334.9030.579.7726.99
 Less than 1 month but more than a week72 (27.24)81.342.9045.7123.3126.5614.4811.8829.01
 Less than 1 year but more than 1 month61 (23.25)6.239.713.5041.9620.308.9139.1227.20
 More than 1 year47 (17.73)4.099.4929.3422.8818.2410.1031.669.46
 DK/R29 (10.95)0.0042.
  • *The following question was asked for respondents who reported homelessness ‘How much time in total have you been homeless over your life?’ with the following answer categories: 1 ‘Less than a week’. 2 ‘Less than a month’. 3 ‘Less than a year’. 4 ‘Less than 2 years’. 5 ‘Less than 4 years’. 6 ‘More than 4 years’. 7 ‘DK’. 8 ‘R’.

  • DK/R, don’t know or refusal to answer; FR, France; IR, Ireland; IT, Italy; NL, Netherlands; PL, Poland; PT, Portugal; SE, Sweden; SP, Spain.