Table 3

Evaluation criteria of TCM syndrome score

SyndromeNormal (0)Mild (3)Moderate (6)Severe (9)
CoughNot significantIn the morning onlyOccasionally at any timeFrequently
PhlegmNot significant10–50 mL in 24 hours or dilute white sputum50–100 mL in 24 hours or sticky yellow sputum easily expectorated>1000 mL in 24 hours or sticky yellow sputum difficultly expectorated
DyspnoeaNot significantOccasionally but not impacting sleep or activityAccompanying with activity but improved after restToo drastic to be supine position or sleep or do other activities
ConstipationNot significantDry stool once a dayVery dry and once 2 daysVery hard and once several days
Abdominal distensionNot significantA littleOccasionalContinuous
FeverNot significant37.5°C–38.0°C38.1°C–39.0°C>39.0°C
  • TCM, traditional Chinese medicine.