Table 4

Logistic regression of associations with physical intimate partner violence in pregnancy

Unadjusted OR95% CI for unadjusted ORP valueMultivariate adjusted OR95% CI for multivariate adjusted ORP value
Partner refused to use or stopped her using contraception (one)2.331.37 to 3.630.011.720.10 to 2.950.05
Partner’s controlling attitudes score (max seven)2.021.42 to 2.890.011.171.03 to 1.330.02
Number of reasons for husband to hit wife that woman agrees with (max six)0.190.01 to 0.390.051.140.97 to 1.340.13
Partner has relationship with other women while with her (one)1.921.23 to to 2.720.07
Partner has had a physical fight with another man (one)2.311.46 to 3.680.011.330.77 to 2.300.30
Partner drinks daily (one)2.381.47 to 3.630.012.021.19 to 3.430.01