Table 2

Comparisons of the total score, the score in each category of the ICF content and time spent between the two groups

Conventional ICF
Mean difference95% P value*Effect size†
Total score (out of 24)18.07±3.7115.98±4.562.09(0.96 to 3.22)<0.0010.49
Score in the general items (out of 5)3.99±1.053.71±1.160.28(-0.03 to 0.58)0.0720.25
Score in the patient’s rights (out of 4)3.41±0.833.23±1.070.18(-0.08 to 0.44)0.1720.19
Score in the scientific aspects (out of 8)5.51±1.704.50±1.801.02(0.54 to 1.50)<0.0010.56
Score in the ethics aspects (out of 7)5.15±1.524.54±1.740.61(0.17 to 1.05)0.0070.37
Time spent reading a given ICF (minutes)23.61±12.5130.90±15.45−7.30(-11.12 to −3.47)<0.0010.50
Time spent completing the questionnaire (minutes)24.48±12.8430.59±13.29−6.11(-9.67 to −2.56)0.0010.46
  • Data represent mean±SD.

  • *Student t-test.

  • †Cohen’s d value.