Table 3

J-OSDI score for each question

Classification, score ±SD, scoreNon-DEDDEDP valueTotal
J-OSDI total score, 0–10019.4±16.037.7±22.2***<0.00132.7±22.2
 Ocular symptoms, 0–10020.9±17.434.6±21.6***<0.00130.9±21.4
 1. Eyes that are sensitive to light?0.8±0.91.5±1.3***<0.0011.3±1.3
 2. Eyes that feel gritty?0.8±1.21.0±1.00.3381.0±1.1
 3. Painful or sore eyes?0.4±0.71.0±1.0***<0.0010.8±1.0
 4. Blurred vision?1.1±1.01.6±1.2**0.0021.5±1.2
 5. Poor vision?1.1±1.11.8±1.3***<0.0011.6±1.3
 Vision-related function20.8±22.036.5±27.7***<0.00132.2±27.2
 6. Reading?0.8±1.11.6±1.3***<0.0011.4±1.3
 7. Driving at night?0.4±0.61.1±1.4*0.0220.9±1.3
 8. Working with a computer or bank machine (ATM)?1.1±1.31.6±1.4*0.0301.5±1.4
 9. Watching TV?0.7±1.01.3±1.2**0.0021.1±1.1
 Environmental triggers15.5±19.845.2±29.7***<0.00137.1±30.4
 10. Windy conditions?0.7±0.91.9±1.4***<0.0011.5±1.3
 11. Places or areas with low humidity (very dry)?0.5±0.81.6±1.3***<0.0011.3±1.3
 12. Areas that are air conditioned?0.6±0.92.0±1.3***<0.0011.6±1.3
  • P values were determined using the Student’s t-test.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01 and ***p<0.001.

  • DED, dry eye disease; J-OSDI, Japanese version of Ocular Surface Disease Index.