Table 1

Guideline-based treatments in the CSC intervention

StepDescriptionResponsible care providerSetting
1aBasic psychosocial care, psychoeducationEstablishment of a working alliance, the provision of psychoeducational materials, psychosocial counselling and treatment of possible comorbid somatic symptoms31 38–40 including systematic monitoring.GP (or mental health specialist)Outpatient
1bBibliotherapyDisorder-specific cognitive behavioural therapy-oriented self-help books73–78 accompanied by systematic monitoring.GP (or mental health specialist)Outpatient
1cInternet-based self-managementInternet-based self-help program with a cognitive behavioural therapy-oriented evaluated and certified computer program accompanied by systematic monitoring.79–81GP (or mental health specialist)Outpatient
1dSingle brief interventions (for alcohol use disorders)Up to five sessions of <1 hour, during which the patient receives individual feedback on alcohol consumption and advice as well as agreed on goals.31GPOutpatient
2aPsychotherapyFace-to face cognitive behavioural therapy or psychodynamic psychotherapy either individually or in a group.PsychotherapistOutpatient
2bPharmacotherapyMedication according to guideline recommendations.GP or mental health specialistOutpatient
3aPharmacotherapy plus psychotherapyIntensified combination therapy of psychopharmacotherapy and face-to-face-psychotherapy.GP or mental health specialist and psychotherapistOutpatient
3bIntensified treatmentIntensified treatment carried out by a multiprofessional treatment team.Multiprofessional teamDay hospital or inpatient facility
  • CSC, collaborative and stepped care model; GP, general practitioner.