Table 2

Information extracted from the primary studies and coding procedure

Information extractedCoding
Title of the paperFull title of the paper
First author nameFirst author’s last name
Publication datePublication date of the paper
Language of the paperLanguage in which the paper is written
Publication on a peer-review journal“Yes”, “No”
Publication type“Published on a journal”, “Conference paper”, “Thesis/doctoral dissertation”
Country where the study was conductedName of the country
Participants’ inclusion criteriaQuote the inclusion criteria reported in the study paper
Participants’ exclusion criteriaQuote the exclusion criteria reported in the study paper
Total sample size in the studyTotal sample size in the study
Participants with lumbar spinal stenosisNo of clinical participants with lumbar spinal stenosis
Control participantsNo of control participants
Matched controls“Yes”, “No”
If Yes, specify if match was made on age or gender or both
AgeTotal study mean age and SD. If the study does not report these data, they will be requested from the corresponding author. If this is not the case, mean and SD will be estimated from median and IQRs through the formula proposed by Wan and colleagues.57 Otherwise, the study will be excluded from the analyses involving data on age
WomenTotal percentage of women in the study
Married/cohabitant patientsTotal percentage of married/cohabitant patients
Employed patientsPercentage of employed patients
Research design“Cross-sectional case–control”, “Longitudinal”
Lumbar spinal stenosis diagnosisDiagnostic criteria used to establish diagnosis
Instrument(s) used to establish lumbar spinal stenosis diagnosisAcronym of the instrument(s)
Instrument(s) used to assess health-related quality of lifeAcronym of the instrument(s)
Type of instrument(s) used to assess health-related quality of life“Clinician-administered interview”, “Self-report questionnaire”
Instrument(s) used to evaluate objective functional impairmentAcronym of the instrument(s)
Duration of lumbar spinal stenosisStudy mean duration of lumbar spinal stenosis in months
Clinical population“Outpatient”, “Inpatient”
Strategies used to recruit clinical participantsQuote the strategies reported in the study paper
Strategies used to recruit controlsQuote the strategies reported in the study paper
Setting where clinical participants were recruitedQuote the setting where patients were recruited
Comorbidity of depressive disordersPercentage of patients with comorbid depressive disorders in the study according to any version of any international standardised classification systems
Instrument(s) used to assess disability related to lumbar spinal stenosisAcronym of the instrument(s)
Disability related to lumbar spinal stenosisStudy mean scores on the Swiss Spinal Stenosis Questionnaire and Oxford Spinal Stenosis Score52
Instrument(s) used to assess self-reported pain severityAcronym of the instrument(s)
Self-reported pain severityStudy mean scores on the Visual Analog Scale for pain, Numeric Rating Scale for pain, McGill Pain Questionnaire53