Table 1

Demographics at the time of birth of all Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander mothers who gave birth to at least one singleton baby in New South Wales (NSW) between 2010 and 2014 reported for all births and by smoking status during pregnancy

All birthsNon-smokingSmoking
n=18 154Nns=9235 (51%)Ns=8919 (49%)
Year of baby’s birth
Maternal age
 Under 20321418156817164619
 35 and over15898.88489.27418.3
 Total18 15410092351008919100
 Total18 14710092301008917100
SEIFA IRSD quintiles†
 First—most disadvantaged482727213123269630
 Fifth—least disadvantaged11156.27488.13674.1
 Total18 05910091891008870100
Remoteness area
 Major cities419323224624194722
 Inner regional614734331036283732
 Outer regional609734296632313135
 Very remote5953.32452.73504.0
 Total18 05910091881008871100
Hospital level
 Small and medium urban3081.71781.81301.5
 Large urban28951616079128814
 Small regional344119151916192222
 Medium regional304217155017149217
 Large regional389721189621200122
 Total18 15410092351008919100
Chronic conditions‡
 Total18 15410092351008919100
Any hypertension
 Total18 15410092351008919100
Any diabetes
 Total18 15410092351008919100
  • *Percentage of all births within each year.

  • †Socio-Economic Index for Areas—Index of Relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage (SEIFA IRSD). When ranking areas within NSW in order of their relative disadvantage, the lowest 20% (most disadvantaged) fall in the first quintile and the highest 20% (least disadvantaged) fall in fifth quartile.

  • ‡Chronic conditions encompasses renal, cardiac, thyroid, asthma, psychiatric, and other autoimmune conditions.40