Table 2

Characteristics of studies included in the systematic review and/or meta-analysis

Population characteristicsIntervention characteristics
ReferenceCountryStudy designAge distributionSample sizeType of populationPhysical activity interventionPhysical activity characteristicsNutritional interventionNutritional characteristics
Author information and year of publicationCountryDesign of the studyAge (years) of the participants range or meansĀ±SDNumber of participantsPopulation characteristics (low weight, normal weight, overweight, obese)Type of physical activity intervention (leisure time physical activity, physical activity programme and/or physical activity counselling)Definition of physical activity intervention (length of intervention, number of sessions, duration of each session, type of physical measurement (ie, physical activity scale, accelerometer or pedometer))Type of nutritional intervention (food education, nutritional counselling, diet intervention)Definition of nutritional intervention (length of intervention)