Table 2

Domains of enquiry for formative research

Domains of enquiryActivities
KMC intervention—to inform the design of the technical package of KMC
  • Review KMC scientific literature; existing government guidelines on KMC; experience on implementation of KMC

  • Develop guidelines and protocols for health staff in facility and community healthcare workers

  • Develop communication materials for communities, pregnant women and their families

Users and implementers—to understand the barriers and enablers to KMC adoption and adherenceMothers/families
  • Explore perceptions of mothers and family members around preterm babies, low birth weight, care-seeking, institutional deliveries, private facilities, perception of quality; understand and explore ideas to generate demand for KMC

Health workers
  • Assess understanding and experience of KMC; understanding of birth weight, prematurity

  • Assess knowledge, skill, time and motivation for newborn care

Health systems—to improve the delivery of KMC at the facility and community levelHealth facilities
  • Understand current KMC practices in health facilities; map behaviours that could impact adoption of KMC within these facilities

  • Design a KMC facility readiness checklist based on local feasibility and provisions

  • Assess physical infrastructure and resources available for KMC

Link between community and facility
  • Assess current engagement between CHWs and health facilities and explore efficient process of engagement

  • Assess referral system

Assess data needs, measurement systems and analytics support and its compatibility and adaptability for KMC
  • Assess existing management information system; assess registries that exist at each level of the healthcare system

  • Design and test electronic data management systems to guide and accelerate adoption and improvement of KMC

Leadership and policy makers
  • Engage leadership and decision makers for their support of KMC

  • Assess need of additional workers and current human resource capacity gap

Other stakeholders
  • Map and engage all professional, organisational, health system, administrative and social networks that may impede or support KMC adoption and spread in the study area

Context—to develop adaptable delivery models
  • Understand perceptions of care of small babies and logistical challenges to care of high risk babies within the setting

  • Explore motivations for facility versus home deliveries

  • Map relationships between doctors and nurses, CHWs and mothers/families

  • CHW, community health workers; KMC, Kangaroo Mother Care.