Table 1

Distribution of counts of deaths and population for non-Hispanic blacks and non-Hispanic whites under 65, and county-level standardised mortality ratios (SMRs) by race/ethnicity for the USA, 2010–2015. Modelled SMRs are county-level posterior median values with and without adjusting for county median household income. All SMRs are in reference to the total US population after sex/age-standarisation

TotalMin5th percentileMedian95th percentileMax
Deaths (#)
 Non-Hispanic white2 832 444128346363134 336
 Non-Hispanic black762 6391128115429 206
Population (#)
 Non-Hispanic white995 524 222144859598 8721 344 39913 811 154
 Non-Hispanic black220 875 88111174942278 1576 689 888
Raw county-specific SMR
 Non-Hispanic white0.090.631.041.602.48
 Non-Hispanic black0.
Modelled county-specific relative risk (no income adjustment)
 Non-Hispanic white0.360.661.031.572.46
 Non-Hispanic black0.310.691.131.872.60
Modelled county-specific relative risk (income-adjusted)
 Non-Hispanic white0.460.761.031.392.04
 Non-Hispanic black0.310.731.151.763.28
Within-county black/white risk ratio of premature mortality
 No income adjustment0.330.751.091.675.07
  • SMR, standardised mortality ratio.