Table 1

Schedule of measures for every participant within the study

Group A only: Separate screening visit prior to the study visit to check that the participants meet the eligibility criteria; full medical history, physical examination, blood pressure and blood tests (full blood count, Glucose, glycated haemoglobin and renal function)
Time of dayProcedures/assessments*
MorningEligibility check
Informed consent
Demographic data (date of birth, sex, ethnicity, height and weight)
Relevant clinical history
Current medications
Blood pressure and heart rate
Pulse wave velocityto measure arterial resistance
Laser Dopplerto measure microvascular function
Blood tests: full blood count, renal function and electrolytes, liver function tests, NT-proBNP, high-sensitive cardiac troponin T. Samples will be frozen and stored for future analysis of vascular and other biomarkers, for example, galectin-3.
Urine test:albumin and creatinine. samples will be frozen and stored for future analysis of metabolite profiles.
AfternoonTransthoracic echocardiography: tissue Doppler imaging and strain rate imaging
6 min walk test
Cardiopulmonary exercise test
  • All assessments will be aimed to be completed in a single visit. However, a possible second visit may be arranged either at Atrium Health or University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust for completion of all assessments, if required.