Table 1

The search strategy used in PubMed/MEDLINE from 1988 to December 2018

NumberSearch terms
1(“Idiopathic Proctocolitis”(ti] OR “Ulcerative Colitis”(ti] OR “Colitis Gravis”(ti] OR (“Inflammatory Bowel Disease”(ti] AND “Ulcerative Colitis Type”(ti))OR“chronic ulcerative colitis”(ti] OR “colitis ulcerative”(ti] OR “colitis ulcerosa”(ti] OR “colitis ulcerosa chronic”(ti] OR (colitis(ti] AND ulcerative(ti)) OR (Colitis(ti] AND mucosal(ti)) OR (colitis(ti] AND ulcerous(ti)) OR (Colon(ti] AND “chronic ulceration”(ti)) OR “histiocytic ulcerative colitis”(ti] OR “mucosal colitis”(ti] OR “ulcerative colorectitis”(ti] OR “ulcerative procto colitis”(ti] OR “ulcerative proctocolitis”(ti] OR “ulcerous colitis”(ti))
2(“Crohn's Enteritis”(ti] OR “Regional Enteritis”(ti] OR “Crohn's Disease”(ti] OR “Crohns Disease”(ti] OR “Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1”(ti] OR “Granulomatous Enteritis”(ti] OR Ileocolitis(ti] OR “Granulomatous Colitis”(ti] OR “Terminal Ileitis”(ti] OR “Regional Ileitides”(ti] OR “Regional Ileitis”(ti] OR “cleron disease”(ti] OR “Crohn's disease”(ti] OR “Crohns disease”(ti] OR “enteritis regionalis”(ti] OR (“intestinal tract”(ti] AND “regional enteritis(ti)”) OR “morbuscrohn”(ti] OR “regional enterocolitis”(ti))
3(“Inflammatory Bowel Disease”(ti] OR (“Bowel Diseases”(ti] AND Inflammatory(ti)) OR “Indeterminate colitis” OR “undetermined colitis”)
41 OR 2 OR 3
64 AND 5