Table 2

Pharmacist-documented components of screening model completed (n=112)

Component of screening modelN(%)
Timing of screening
Immediately following recruitment100(91.7)
By appointment on same day3(2.8)
By appointment on another day6(5.5)
No. of visits needed to complete screening
One visit103(92.3)
Two visits4(3.7)
Assessments and measurements completed
Anthropometric measurements110(100.0)
Diabetes risk assessment111(100.0)
ASCVD risk score calculation110(100.0)
Dietary habits assessment111(100.0)
Physical activity habits assessment111(100.0)
Tests and measurements not completed
Lipid profile4(33.3)
Waist circumference3(25.0)
Blood pressure1(8.33)
Reason for not completing test/measurement
Technical error in device9(90.0)
Participant objection*1(10.0)
Assessment, testing and measurement duration
Mean duration±SD (min)27.0±9.4
Over 404(3.6)
Post-assessment counselling
ASCVD risk score interpretation110(100.0)
ADA questionnaire score interpretation107(100.0)
HbA1c result interpretation†79(96.3)
Guideline targets for suboptimal blood test results107(100.0)
Lifestyle behaviours (top two covered aspects)
Dietary behaviours91(85.8)
Physical activity86(81.1)
Need for further/confirmatory testing at physician’s office87(87.9)
Post-assessment counselling duration
Mean duration ±SD (min)11.6±6.5
Not reported37(32.2)
  • *One participant objected to waist circumference measurement.

  • †Documentation was missing for 30 participants.

  • ADA, American Diabetes Association; ASCVD, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin.