Table 3

Outcomes of at-risk participants’ referral (n=37)

Participants completed uptake of referral follow-up 37(52.1)
Participants visited a doctor to discuss pharmacist-delivered screening results 9(24.3)
Visited doctor straight away6(16.2)
Made some changes and went to doctor later1(2.7)
Discussed results at routine visit2(5.4)
Participants who did not visit a doctor 28(75.6)
Have not visited doctor yet but intend to11(29.7)
Did not think it was necessary1(2.7)
Have not visited doctor yet and made no plans16(43.2)
Physician knew about pharmacy screening 5(55.5)
Referral letter given to the doctor2(40.0)
Told doctor about pharmacy screening3(60.0)
Doctor treated the results of pharmacy screening seriously4(80.0)
Follow-up tests were undertaken by the physician 7(77.7)
Blood pressure3(42.8)
Total cholesterol4(57.1)
HDL cholesterol3(42.8)
Blood sugar level4(57.1)
Lifestyle changes since screening
Increased regular exercise7(36.8)
Attempted to lose weight11(57.8)
Improved diet12(63.1)
Started new medications4(40.0)
  • HDL, high-density lipoprotein.