Table 4

Association of capitation funding per patient with overall practice CQC rating: unadjusted and adjusted regression models

Model 1Model 2Model 3Model 4
Capitation funding OR†1.09**1.10**1.13***1.13***
95% CI of OR1.03, 1.151.04, 1.161.06, 1.191.06, 1.19
Models contain
 Year effectsNYYY
 Patient characteristics‡NNYY
 Practice characteristics§NNNY
  • *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.

  • †ORs based on SD units.

  • ‡Patient-adjusted deprivation, proportion of patients aged 0–4 years, proportion of patients aged ≥75 years, proportion patients black or Asian ethnicity, proportion of nursing home residents

  • §Region, minimum distance to hospital, contract type, dispensing status, training practice status, singlehanded.

  • CQC, Care Quality Commission.