Table 5

Association of capitation funding with overall practice CQC rating: predictor variable in fully adjusted model

CharacteristicsOR95% CI
Capitation funding per patient (SD units)†1.13***1.06 to 1.19
Year 20.920.80 to 1.05
Year 30.76**0.64 to 0.91
Deprivation0.99**0.98 to 0.99
Patients aged 0–4 years (proportion)1.000.95 to 1.05
Patients aged 75 years or old (proportion)0.990.96 to 1.17
Patients in nursing home (proportion)1.13*1.02 to 1.26
Patients Asian or black ethnicity (proportion)0.99*0.99 to 1.00
Region: Midlands‡0.64***0.55 to 0.76
Region: London‡0.56***0.93 to 0.98
Region: South‡0.48**0.40 to 0.58
Minimum distance to hospital1.001.00 to 1.00
Rurality (yes/no)1.50**1.18 to 1.92
Contract type (GMS/PMS)1.080.96 to 1.23
Dispensing practice status (yes/no)1.10.88 to 1.38
Single-handed practice (yes/no)0.53***0.44 to 0.63
Training practice status (yes/no)2.30***1.99 to 2.65
  • *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.

  • †ORs based on SD units.

  • ‡Comparator Region: North.

  • CQC, Care Quality Commission; GMS, General medical services; PMS, Personal Medical Services.