Table 2

Characteristics of general practices and their populations in England

VariableMean(Fifth, 95th centiles)
Patient-adjusted Index of Multiple Deprivation, 201524.58.2, 46.1
Proportion of patients aged 0–4 years (%)5.93.7, 8.8
Proportion of patients aged 75 years or older (%)7.72.6, 12.9
Proportion of patients: nursing home residents (%)0.50, 1.4
Proportion of patients: Asian or black ethnicity (%)13.10.1, 53.1
List size per full-time equivalent (FTE) GP19501066, 3315
List size per FTE non-clinical employed staff703392, 1103
List size per FTE nurse71662810, 15 507
Minimum distance of practice from acute hospital (km)3.80.4, 11.8
Proportion of practices by rurality (%)
 Rural: hamlet, village, town and fringe14.5
Proportion of practices by region (%)
Proportion of practices by contract type (%)
 General Medical Services59.4
 Personal Medical Services40.6
Proportion of dispensing practices (%)14.6
Proportion of single-handed practices (%)13.1
Proportion of training practices (%)30.4
  • GP, general practitioner.