Table 3

Factors facilitating and inhibiting cross-sector collaborations in rural communities

Facilitating factorsImpact
Health-promoting contextPromotes shared value and consciousness; facilitates community-wide dialogue, activism and collaboration
Seed initiativeMotivates people; mobilises collective actions; establishes structures that last beyond the original initiative
Hospital visionExpands hospital’s role; transforms mindsets; creates a hub for improving health and well-being; provides resources
Cross-sector leadership and governanceCreates and updates shared aims; coordinates resources and actions; reduces redundancy and competition; facilitates communication and trust
Inhibiting factorsImpact
Different institutional logicsDisconnects potential collaborators with different institutional norms and practices; leads to missed collaboration opportunities; creates redundancy and competition
Financial and human resources constraintsLimits support for establishing programmes and facilities; hinders provision of certain services and participation in joint efforts; hinders volunteering
Geographic dispersionObstructs efforts to mobilise potential collaborators and spread progress beyond the core communities; upholds geographic disparities