Table 1

Procedures and measurements

Day 0–7 before start therapy3 hours after start sildenafil12 hours after start8 am after start24 hours after startDay of surgery, preoperativelyDay after surgeryDay of ECMO, pre- cannulation8 am after start ECMODay 14Day 28/before dischargeDay 566 months12 months
Calculation OIXXX
Calculation VIS scoreXXX
Blood sampleXXXXXXX
Tracheal aspirateXXXXXXX
Urine sampleXXXXXXX
Severity of CLDXX
Ultrasound brainXX
Sildenafil plasma levelXXXXX
  • CLD, chronic lung disease; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; OI, oxygenation index; VIS, vasoactive-inotropic support.