Table 3

Most common unmet supportive care needs

Supportive Care Needs Survey items*Total sampleResectable patients†Unresectable patients‡
Uncertainty about the future31.4%58/18528.6%30/10537.3%22/59
Fears about the cancer spreading30.1%56/18629.5%31/10533.9%21/62
Not being able to do the things you used to25.0%47/18827.3%30/11024.1%14/58
Concerns about the worries of those close to you24.7%47/19023.4%26/11130.7%19/62
Lack of energy/tiredness23.5%44/18723.4%26/11128.1%16/57
Worry that the results of treatment are beyond your control21.1%39/18516.0%17/10631.0%18/58
Feelings of sadness20.5%39/19017.8%19/10727.9%17/61
Being informed about things you can do to help yourself feel better20.4%39/19117.3%19/11028.6%18/63
Feeling down or depressed20.4%40/19618.0%20/11125.8%16/62
  • *The number of missing responses varied by Supportive Care Needs Survey (SCNS) item.

  • †Patients who were unsure if they would be having a resection or not were excluded.

  • ‡Patients for whom a resection was planned were not included.