Table 2

Characteristics of obtained care

CharacteristicsMidwife-led care (n=100)Regular care (n=100)P value*
Antenatal care (ANC)
 Gestation at booking visit†6.5 (4.0–11.8)10.0 (5.0–19.5)0.003
 Number of ANC visits at government clinic†9.0 (8.0–10.0)6.0 (3.0–9.0)0.001
 Less than four ANC visits at government clinic‡2280.0001
 Number of ANC visits with doctor at government clinic†4.0 (3.0–5.0)5.0 (2.0–8.0)0.066
 Number of ANC visits at private doctor†2.0 (0.0–3.0)6.0 (3.0–10.0)<0.0001
 ANC care only from governmental clinic‡428<0.0001
 Referred once or more to high risk care‡36220.004
Place of birth of last child‡0.035
 Governmental hospital8767<0.0001
 Private hospital1133<0.0001
 Under transportation20
 Hours spent at postnatal ward postpartum†24.0 (18.0–24.0)15.0 (8.5–24.0)<0.0001
Number receiving postnatal home visits760<0.0001
  • *Mann-Whitney U or X2 tests.

  • †Median (IQR).

  • ‡%