Table 4

Health professionals’ views on whether/how genome sequencing should be delivered by non-genetic clinicians in clinical practice

Content topicIllustrative quote
Non-genetic clinicians can offer genome sequencing in clinical practice as long as they have appropriate training and are supported by healthcare professionals with genetics expertise
1. Not practical to have genetics experts (eg, genetic counsellors) to offer & return all results“I mean in an ideal world actually what you’d do, what you would have is someone additional in your clinic perhaps a Genetic Counsellor who was working in the clinic who could do that kind of thing, but that’s not how it works, it’s not how we deploy our resources… I think it will be offered through other health professionals…” (Participant 13, genetic clinician)
2. Non-genetic clinicians can offer genome sequencing as long as they have adequate training“With appropriate training I think it probably could be offered by, by appropriate professionals…if it was a hospital Consultant and they had the time to really discuss it and they had the appropriate knowledge and training and the confidence to give the results back then I don’t see that being a problem…” (Participant 6, consenter)
3. Non-genetic clinicians can offer genome sequencing as long as they have sufficient support from genetic departments / teams in interpreting, returning and/or discussing complex findings“I think (offering genome sequencing) does need to be linked closely with genetics… I think that’s key because otherwise you could potentially think something is relevant and pathogenic when actually it might not be or it’s complicated with another variant… we must never underestimate the complexity of it… So I suppose that means that you would and should need access to your genetics team.” (Participant 23, non-genetic clinician)
“So if you don’t know anything about the genes then obviously the discussion of the findings should be left to somebody who has experience of genetics I do think yes.” (Participant 11, non-genetic clinician)