Table 2

Rotavirus vaccine schedule compliance

VariableDefinitionn (%)
First rotavirus dose non-compliant*
 First dose too earlyFirst dose before 42 days of age3 (0.01)
 First dose too lateFirst dose after 139 days of age88 (0.15)
 TotalEither first dose too early or too late91 (0.16)
Second or third rotavirus dose non-compliant†
 Dosing interval too short<28 days between first-second or second-third dose8 (0.01)
 Second/third doses‡ too lateSecond or third doses after 8 months of age18 (0.03)
 Three doses administered when unnecessaryThree doses when only two doses are required12 (0.02)
 TotalDosing interval too short, or second or third dose too late, or three invalid doses38 (0.05)
Total non-compliant doses§Any non-compliant dose129 (0.11)
Total compliant dosesCompliant first rotavirus vaccine doses57 500 (99.84)
Compliant second and third rotavirus vaccine doses55 114 (99.93)
  • *Denominator equals the total number of first doses=57 591.

  • †Denominator equals the total number of second and third doses=55 152.

  • ‡A small number of doses (n=30) in the data set were recorded as RV5, which were likely historical doses from out of province or private delivery of rotavirus vaccine. Therefore, to be consistent with Alberta guidelines,33 any individual who received a dose of RV5 needed three doses of rotavirus vaccine for complete vaccination.

  • §Denominator equals the total number of first, second and third doses=112 743.