Table 4

Generalised estimating equation logistic regression models testing associations between teamwork and errors

Predictor variableUnadjustedAdjusted*
OR95% CIZP valueOR95% CIZP value
CTS score (1-unit increase)0.72(0.59 to 0.88)−3.20.00140.73(0.59 to 0.89)−3.060.0022
MVC0.45(0.18 to 1.17)−1.630.1034
NRP0.46(0.20 to 1.04)−1.870.0618
PALS0.88(0.25 to 3.03)−0.210.8352
Mean years EMS experience0.92(0.79 to 1.07)−1.070.284
  • *Adjusted for clinical scenario (NAT=reference group) and mean years of EMS experience at the team level.

  • EMS, emergency medical services; MVC, motor vehicle collision; NAT, non-accidental trauma; NRP, newborn resuscitation programme; PALS, paediatric advanced life support.