Table 1

Demographic characteristics at baseline in 2014

Children included in analysisChildren not included in analysis
All (n=452)Boys (n=217)Girls (n=235)P value*All (n=56)P value†
Axial length (mm)22.75±0.7222.98±0.7122.54±0.65<0.00122.69±0.640.514
Spherical equivalent (D)−0.04±0.80−0.02±0.78−0.05±0.820.7440.03±1.230.567
Height (cm)123.3±5.8124.2±5.7122.6±5.80.003123.0±6.00.698
Weight (kg)26.6±5.727.9±6.125.4±5.0<0.00126.5±5.50.408
  • The mean age was 6.9±0.7 years, ranging from 6 to 8 years in 2014.

  • *Comparison between boys and girls.

  • †Comparison between the children included in analysis and not included in analysis.