Table 3

Percentage of spatial variation explained by each individual variable and explained in addition after adjusting for all other variables

Spatial variation explainedGestational ageBirth weight
Eligible populationComplete case populationEligible populationComplete case population
By single variables
Pregnancy factor
 Gestational age27%34%
 Birth rank0%1%4%0%
Parental factors
 Maternal age0%1%1%1%
 Civil status0%0%10%5%
 Nationality mother1%3%17%17%
 Nationality father3%4%25%20%
 Nationality parents*3%5%27%23%
 Education mother1%0%
 Education father1%1%
 Education parents*1%1%
Regional factors
 Language region23%25%62%63%
In addition to all other variables
Pregnancy factors
 Gestational age12%12%
 Birth rank1%0%3%1%
Parental factors
 Maternal age0%1%0%0%
 Civil status0%0%0%0%
 Nationality mother0%0%1%2%
 Nationality father1.5%0%1%0%
 Nationality parents*2.5%0%3%4%
 Education mother2%0%
 Education father0%0%
 Education parents2%1%
Regional factors
 Language region17%21%22%24%
Model 3 (full) 31% 39% 87% 88%
  • –Data not available

  • *Nationality or educational attainment of both mother and father were entered into the model.