Table 2

National advance care Directive prevalence study: data collection training and manual

Online training
Key contentMode of delivery
  • ACP and ACD

  • Overview of the National Advance Care Directive Prevalence Study

  • ACP documentation: definitions, classification for study

  • Review of data items and how to collect data

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Role plays demonstrating:

    • A data collector undertaking the audit and entering data.

    • A Study Lead performing the randomisation procedure.

  • Interactive discussion regarding:

    • Types of ACP documentation.

    • Demonstration of how to use flowchart for classification.

    • Tips for success

Data collection manual
Section 1: Background information and context for the National Advance Care Directive Prevalence Study.
Section 2: Overview of the National Advance Care Directive Prevalence Study.
Section 3: Description of how to collect study data including the documentation sought during the audit.
Section 4: Instructions on how to use the online data collection database.
Section 5: Additional information relevant to Study Leads.
Section 6: Troubleshooting instructions for problems.
Section 7: List of frequently asked questions.
Section 8: Test questions (with answers) to be used to assess knowledge and understanding of the terminology and concepts needed to conduct the audit.
  • Contains documents to assist with study and data collection. These include:

  • A flowchart of relevant documentation to the audit.

  • A decision tree to help with classification of ACP documentation.

  • A list of statutory ACD used in Australia.

  • Checklists for Study Leads to prepare for study day.

  • A list of contact numbers.

  • ACD, advance care directives; ACP, advance care planning.