Table 1

Search strategy for the systematic review

Search #Search words
1(Antiretroviral therapy OR ART) AND (Uptake OR start* OR adher* OR compliance)
2(Integrat* OR joint OR collaborat* OR concurrent) AND (Tuberculosis OR TB) AND (HIV OR AIDS) AND (treat* OR therap* OR care OR service)
3Barrier OR challenge OR drawback OR limitation
4Enabl* OR facilitat* OR opportunit* OR driver
5Africa OR Algeria OR Angola OR Benin OR Botswana OR Burkina Faso ORBurundi OR Cameroon OR Cape Verde OR Central African Republic OR Chad ORComoros OR Congo OR Democratic Republic of Congo OR Djibouti OR Egypt OREquatorial Guinea OR Eritrea OR Ethiopia OR Gabon OR Gambia OR Ghana OR GuineaOR Guinea Bissau OR Ivory Coast OR Cote d’Ivoire OR Jamahiriya OR Jamahiryia ORKenya OR Lesotho OR Liberia OR Libya OR Libia OR Madagascar OR Malawi OR MaliOR Mauritania OR Mauritius OR Mayotte OR Morocco OR Mozambique OR Mocambique ORNamibia OR Niger OR Nigeria OR Principe OR Reunion OR Rwanda OR Sao Tome ORSenegal OR Seychelles OR Sierra Leone OR Somalia OR South Africa OR St HelenaOR Sudan OR Swaziland OR Tanzania OR Togo OR Tunisia OR Uganda OR WesternSahara OR Zaire OR Zambia OR Zimbabwe OR Central Africa OR Central African ORWest Africa OR West African OR Western Africa OR Western African OR East AfricaOR East African OR Eastern Africa OR Eastern African OR North Africa OR NorthAfrican OR Northern Africa OR Northern African OR South African OR SouthernAfrica OR Southern African OR subSaharan Africa OR subSaharan African ORsub-Saharan Africa OR sub-Saharan African
6#1 AND #2 AND #3 AND #5
7#1 AND #2 AND #4 AND #5
  • ART, antiretroviral therapy; TB, tuberculosis.