Table 2

Participants’ knowledge-related responses

Variables n (% of participants)
Have you heard about clinical trials?
 Yes289 (30.8)
 No/not sure648 (69.1)
What is the definition of a clinical trial?
 Studies in clinics to survey patients’ opinions about healthcare topics139 (14.8)
 Experiments on animals119 (12.7)
 Studies to test new drugs or procedures on humans410 (43.7)
 Graduation projects for medical students62 (6.6)
 Not sure208 (22.2)
Have you heard about an IRB?
 Yes251 (26.8)
 No685 (73.1)
Have you heard of the SFDA?
 Yes761 (81.1)
 No177 (18.9)
Does the SFDA play a role in regulating clinical trials?
 Yes622 (66.4)
 No315 (33.6)
Are there ethical guidelines to regulate the conduct of clinical trials?
 Yes673 (71.8)
 No265 (28.3)
Are there direct benefits for participants in clinical trials?
 Definitely313 (33.4)
 Definitely not35 (3.7)
 No benefit or harm19 (2.0)
 Possible benefit or harm436 (46.5)
 Not sure135 (14.4)
Do clinical trials have direct benefits for the community?
 Yes676 (72.1)
 No262 (27.9)
When can an investigator start clinical trials?
 Any time they want42 (4.5)
 Only with participant agreement135 (14.4)
 After obtaining manager approval41 (4.4)
 They should obtain approval from responsible authorities525 (56.0)
 Not sure195 (20.8)
Can an investigator recruit patients without their approval?
 Yes250 (26.7)
 No687 (73.3)
Can participants freely withdraw from clinical trials anytime?
 Yes446 (47.6)
 No492 (52.5)
May published articles include confidential patient information (eg, names)?
 Yes318 (33.9)
 No620 (66.1)
Knowledge score out of 100 (12 questions) 56.8± 24.8
  • IRB, Institutional Review Board; SFDA, Saudi Food and Drug Authority.